Get Strong 101


101 skills, drills and games for any body!

And perfect for school DPA - Daily Physical Activity

Get Strong 101 contains 101 strength and conditioning videos showing how to develop core strength, quickness, speed, balance & agility. That's three hours of great learning! They're fun & easy to learn for kids 9 - 99! Some great habits to fight childhood obesity!


Alliance for a Healthier Generation

This is what teachers and kids in our schools need. In-class. Out of class. Warm up. Cool down. Sport specific. Teacher directed. Student directed.  It's fantastic!
Debbie Keel, ActionSchools!BC master trainer
The MOST INCREDIBLE COMPILATION of drills that I have seen in a DVD format. This DVD has it all!



GET STRONG teaches 101 skills in 12 categories to get you stronger... NOW!

  • Upper Body         Lower Body
  • Quickness           Agility
  • Speed                 Core
  • Balance              Stretching
  • Bands                 Total body
  • Fun & Games       Sample workouts

A wonderful montage of essential skills any physical educator can use, regardless of the students' age or skill level.
Dr. David Chorney PhD. (CAHPERD)
A fantastic tool for teachers, parents and community organizations... on how to get strong for life!
Greater Victoria, B.C. School District


strength and conditioning dvd backBe in Control!
Train your muscles to be ‘smart’ so your body moves exactly the way you want it to! Learn the same drills elite athletes use. Judy Howard's clear, friendly approach will ensure you're successful!

More strength & agility!
React quicker; regain your balance and change direction faster. Play with confidence because now you can count on your body’s precise moves!

Life's more enjoyable
improved muscular health and coordination means all physical exercise becomes more enjoyable & safer... from working around the house to gardening, playing games or going for a hike.

with Judy's five and ten minute SAMPLE WORKOUTS for small spaces (like a classroom, bedroom, hotel room)... or a large space (like a gym or outside).

"strength and conditioning dvd Judy HowardGet Strong 101" is lead by Judy Notte Howard

- a teacher, mother and role model who has a passion for inspiring & motivating kids & adults to lead active, healthy lifestyles. And kids love her! Judy was a classroom and physical education teacher for 12 years. She's traveled North America sharing her knowledge with fitness instructors, teachers & youth of all ages. Judy is determined to touch the lives of young people, their teachers and parents, in a positive & empowering way. Judy's other DVDs - “65 Energy Blasts” & "6 Fit Kid's Workouts" - are hugely poplular in schools around N. America. GET STRONG 101 gets 'tweens' and adults having as much fun as the younger kids! All three DVDs are available in the Kids' Fitness Trio.
             I love this DVD. And so do my kids!"
   Glenn Williams, North Rockhampton, AUSTRALIA

The Get Strong 101 DVD includes Public Performance Rights for one classroom/home only.
For broader Rights, please contact


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