65 Energy Blasts



Energy Blasts are children's exercise at their best - 65 easy hip-hop moves kids 5-10 yrs. love doing in front of the TV. They're easy to learn and fun to do! Beat obesity with smiles and sweat! Each Blast is one minute, fifteen seconds long. Play them one at a time or continuously for a great workout!

This DVD is a great resource for DPA - Daily Physical Activity - in the classroom, and at home.

We have 6 Energy Blasts circulating in the classrooms. They're great resources... very motivating for kids and teachers!"
EJ, teacher

Wonderful, highly recommended for elementary teacher, education specialist or parent. Simple moves easy for everyone to learn!

There are four Energy Blasts themes:

childrens fitness dvd childrens fitness dvdchildrens fitness dvd hip hopchildrens fitness dvd

        AFRICAN                        LATIN                        HIP HOP                     ATHLETIC

Each theme contains hip hop dance 'moves' that kids easily learn. They're great for coordination, balance, agility, strength and generally improving overall fitness levels. And Judy gives kids a friendly 'health hint' in each
Energy Blast!

Judy is the role model I want for my daughter!

CM, College Facilitator
Judy is just soooo cool!

Amanda, 10

childrens fitness dvd Judy Howard Energy Blasts are lead by JUDY HOWARD (B.Ed, M.Ed) - a teacher, mother and role model who has a passion for inspiring & motivating kids of all ages to lead active, healthy lifestyles. And kids love her! Judy was a classroom and physical education teacher for 12 years. She's traveled North America sharing her knowledge with fitness instructors, teachers & youth of all ages. She developed the 65 Energy Blasts in fitness & wellness classes for teachers &  kids.  Play one at a time or 65 in a row! They're great for improving coordination, balance, agility, strength and generally improving overall fitness levels. AND when your kids want a longer workout, they'll love the 6 Fit Kids' Workouts DVD. Older kids and adults who want stronger bodies will really enjoy Judy's "Get Strong 101". Save 15% minimum on all three DVDs with the "Kids' Fitness Trio".

Highly recommended. Judy is fun, upbeat, and certainly inspiring as she teaches these simple dance moves that are easy for everyone to learn.

The 65 Energy Blasts DVD includes Public Performance Rights  for one classroom/home only.
For broader Rights, please contact info@eyelearner.com

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