KIDS FITNESS DVD TRIO - Save 15% with online order!

Fit Kid Trio
GET YOUR KIDS HEALTHIER AND STRONGER... ages 5 TO 95! Judy Howard's children's exercise videos are approved by the ALLIANCE FOR A HEALTHIER GENERATION. See huge smiles on their faces while they exercise. The perfect solution for DPA - Daily Physical Activity. Kids learn to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and say 'no' to the obesity epidemic! These hip hop dancing and kids fitness videos are huge successes in N. American classrooms, and now ready for home. 65 ENERGY BLASTS for 5-10 yrs; 6 FIT KIDS WORKOUTS for 8-12 yrs; GET STRONG 101 for 9-99 yrs! Purchase Order price: $65.85; Online order price 15% off = $55.97 & further discounts for multiple copies!


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Diabetes education video  

IF you have... Diabetes
THESE DVDs COULD LITERALLY SAVE YOUR LIFE! These Diabetes videos motivate, inspire, educate, and will help you truly understand and treat Diabetes. Learn from top medical experts who share how and why it affects your body, and how to effectively manage the disease. THREE HOURS on TWO DVDs, knowledge, management and treatment information in 35 separate chapters that fully educate people diagnosed with Type I, II or gestational Diabetes, plus family and caregivers. 'Every person with Diabetes must watch this program!' B. McPeak, MD.
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Personal development video  

Blue Water 88
WANT BETTER HEALTH, MORE INTIMACY AND BETTER SEX? A body you're proud of? More self-esteem & self-confidence? More restful Sleep... more Money... and less Stress? EIGHT HOURS OF AUDIO AND VIDEO! Watch & listen at home, or download the MP3 audio for CD or iPod! CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS. CHANGE YOUR WORLD! Program your subconscious, your brain's 'autopilot', for success in all these areas. BLUE WATER 88 is a stunning combination of exotic underwater video, hypnotic music with Tibetan throat singing, and 88 healthy subliminal messages. WAS $39.95... now $29.95!
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Children's fitness DVD, 5 - 10 yrs.  

65 Energy Blasts
KIDS 5-10 LOVE THIS CHILDREN'S EXERCISE VIDEO! This is the kind of fitness that kids want to do over & over! Play a one minute fifteen second hip hop dance 'Blast'.... or play 65 in a row! 65 ENERGY BLASTS improve balance, coordination, agility, strength... and FIGHT CHILDHOOD OBESITY! A great solution for DPA - Daily Physical Activity. They're fun to do and easy to learn. "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. FUN, UPBEAT,INSPIRING!" (
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KID'S FITNESS DVD, 8 - 12 yrs.  

6 Fit Kids Workouts
RE-ENERGIZE & INVIGORATE YOUR KIDS! These kids exercise videos are the answer for DPA - Daily Physical Activity - and fight childhood obesity! They're happier, smiling and more able to concentrate after a workout. 6 FIT KIDS WORKOUTS are 5 and 10 minute kids fitness videos for 8-12 yrs. Hip hop fun at its best in front of the TV. Formerly The Fit Kids Classroom Workout... it's now ready for home too! Approved by The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. "A MUST HAVE DVD FOR CLASSROOM OR HOME" (
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Get Strong 101
ENJOY A STRONGER, HEALTHIER BODY... AT ANY AGE! Create a workout from 101 videos showing strength & conditioning skills, drills & games in quickness, speed, agility, core, balance & more. Or use Judy's sample workouts! Great for DPA - Daily Physical Activity - in the classroom and home. Approved by The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Get strong for sport, fight childhood obesity and feel great! "THE MOST INCREDIBLE COMPILATION OF SKILLS ON DVD." (
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Gardening Skills DVD Special  

73 Skills to create your Dream garden
DISCOVER 73 SKILLS TO CREATE YOUR DREAM GARDEN... & save $5! This gardening DVD will help you transform your garden with 73 separate video gardening skills. Zero in on the information you need, then create a garden everyone will envy! Learn about bulbs, roses, annuals, perennials, vines, fruit trees, lawn care and more. SPECIAL BONUS: 208 TIP 12-MONTH CALENDAR! Was $24.95, now only....
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Survival and camping DVD  

50 outdoor Skills everyone needs to know
LEARN HOW TO REALLY ENJOY THE OUTDOORS! Clothing, tents, backpacks, knives & cookware. Learn survival skills for emergencies like hypothermia or being lost! These are 50 OUTDOOR SKILLS EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW. This camping DVD teaches hiking & cooking skills that make the outdoors safer & more enjoyable! "THIS DVD IS WORTH THE PRICE!"(Explore Mag.)
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Garden, Outdoor Duo - save $6.00  

The Garden & Outdoor duo - save $6.00
REALLY ENJOY YOUR GARDEN AND THE OUTDOORS with these two DVDs! And save $6.00 immediately before discounts! "73 SKILLS TO CREATE YOUR DREAM GARDEN", & "50 OUTDOOR SKILLS EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW!" 123 separate videos and 250+ printed tips on gardening, camping & survival skills.
Before Discount : $33.90